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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessments measure strengths and potential and are then used to customize a development plan.​
Workplace Big Five Profile ™

This personality assessment from Paradigm Personality Labs reveals an individual's five supertraits and 23 subtraits. It's a great assessment to use with individual leaders and intact teams.

Leadership Development Assessments
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This suite of assessments from Harrison Assessments provides a deep dive into the behaviors that make leaders successful. Assessments are available for emerging leaders, senior leaders, paradoxical leadership and management success.

Clifton Strengths Assessment ™

This popular assessment from Gallup helps leaders to identify and apply their talents to create a more positive and productive environment.

Skillscope 360 Assessment ™
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This multi-rater assessment from Center for Creative Leadership provides leaders and individual contributors with straightforward and practical feedback on job-related skills.

Leadeship Assssment

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching for existing and prospective leaders enhances self-awareness and allows for deeper development that lasts.
certified personal and executive coach

Owner Gary Korpita is certified as a Personal and Executive Coach through the CaPP Institute™. This ICF accredited program certifies coaches in the use of powerful, effective and supportive coaching techniques. 

Leadership coaching with torch

Gary Korpita is a contracted leadership coach with Torch.  Providing coaching through Torch, Gary helps leaders build the leadership skills they need to build winning teams.  

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Leadership coaching with Sounding board

Gary Korpita is a contracted leadership coach with Sounding Board.  Providing coaching through Sounding Board, Gary helps leaders fulfill their potential.  

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Training Facilitation

Facilitated leadership training creates participant engagement and promotes the application of learning in a real-life setting.
Training Facilitation
team-building events

The Korpita Group incorporates experiential learning into team-building events for large and small teams. These events are customized for every team based on their needs. During the events, teams participate in an experience, reflect on the meaning of the experience and plan for how they can leverage the experience to enhance their team.

workshops and trainings

The Korpita Group's workshops and training events are customized based on need and can be facilitated in-person or virtually. Each event is facilitated in a way that maximizes participant engagement and focuses on key takeaways that participants can begin applying immediately.

Workshop and training topics include the following: 

  • Vision and goal setting

  • Leadership communication

  • Development planning

  • Mentoring

  • Situational leadership

  • Personality styles

  • Coaching

Training Content Creation

Leadership training content supports skill-building and provides a strong foundation for leadership effectiveness.
Training Content Creation
Leadership development content

Whether you want to enhance existing content or create new training materials, The Korpita Group can customize training solutions to meet your needs. This includes developing learning objectives, success criteria and evaluation metrics to support the content. 

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