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Blending the Art and Science of Leadership Development

Meet Gary Korpita

Owner and Leadership Coach

Gary Korpita is an experienced leadership development professional with more than 20 years in the field. With a passion for leadership assessment, coaching and development, Gary has contributed to the growth of many successful leaders throughout his career.



Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessments measure strengths and potential, which are then used to customize a development plan.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching enhances self-awareness and allows for deeper development that lasts.

Training Facilitation

Facilitated leadership training creates participant engagement and promotes the application of learning in a real-life setting.

Training Content Creation

Leadership training content supports skill-building and provides a strong foundation for leadership effectiveness.


We partner with clients to help them develop their existing and prospective leaders.

"Gary has always been a very hands-on leader who does an excellent job providing clear direction and expectations, which provides results. His energy, enthusiasm and integrity are second to none."

- Mike Richardson

Director of National Recruiting,
Combined Insurance

"Gary's professionalism, work ethic and focus on collaboration are just a few of the reasons he was such a good business partner."

- Jennifer Davis

AVP National Recruiting,
Colonial Life

"Gary's passion for developing people really shines. I credit a lot of my career development and success to Gary and his leadership. His ability to garner buy-in from all levels of leadership is amazing."

- Joe Ball

Project Manager,

Colonial Life

"Gary helped me navigate through a difficult transition while at the same time honing my leadership skills.  His professionalism and positive outlook were incredibly uplifting.

- Ted McNeil

District General Agent,

McNeil Voluntary Benefits Group

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